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The "Need to Know"


Who is DJ BK?

DJ BK aka Kevin Humphrey is a Grand Rapids native and was born into the family that owned and operated Adeline Leigh Catering. Before he even knew what marriage was, he knew how important weddings were. Having grown up in the wedding industry, Kevin took what he learned having witnessed thousands of weddings and other events and paired it with his love (and talent) for music to bring DJs By BK to West Michigan. Currently, Kevin is the only DJ for DJs By BK but he has big aspiration of growing the largest and most affordable quality DJ service in West Michigan. With those goals in mind, Kevin will do whatever it takes to provide flawless, fun, and affordable DJ service for any event that you're hosting!

"How do we book and what's the process like?"

In order to lock in your event, a $100 non-refundable deposit and signed copy of agreement is required. The agreement is establishment of price, date, and policy to protect everyone! What's included with our agreement? DJ BK carries his own liability insurance so you're protected. DJ BK is part of a network of DJ's that are banded together to ensure coverage for each other in the event of illness/emergency/etc. so sleep well knowing you will have a professional DJ no matter what! 
After locking in, DJ BK will provide his reception worksheet form. This form should be completed by 30 days prior to your special day at which point DJ BK will want to set up an appointment with you. This appointment is either in-person or via facetime/skype/zoom to allow DJ BK to really get to know you on a personal level as well as hear pronunciation of names, etc. to ensure no mistakes are made on the big day! Final payment is due by 7 days prior to the big day. 


The Equipment

For those of you who like to tech specs, we've got you covered! 

Mackie 15" Thump Series (2 units)

Pro DJ Facade with White or Black Scrim 
Pioneer DDJ Sound Control Unit/Mixer 
Chauvet 5in1 Moving Gig Bar 
Rockville Uplighting 

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