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Parallel Lines

Words By BK

Parallel Lines

An Introduction

To anyone who has taken the time to read these rantings of mine... Thank you! 

My intention with this blog is to provide industry insight, poignant guidance, and relevant commentary on current wedding trends and ideas! 

As I have grown up in the service industry (born to parents who owned one of West Michigan's largest catering companies), I have more event and wedding knowledge then I know what to do with sometimes. This blog is intended to be an outlet for all of that useful information that is floating around my brain! And as I complete more and more events, I will only gain more knowledge that I can pass along ^_^ 

The bulk of my writings will be centered around the DJ and officiating side of weddings but will also include tons of helpful information that can be used with any vendor or event type. 

Writings will have 3 categories: 

1. A Conversation- This is a candid and personal editorial style writing that is solely my opinion and my personal suggestions. These will be more geared towards working with DJ's. 

2. Insider Information- These posts will be some lesser known tips and tricks in the industry that tend to be over looked or forgot about. 

3. The Last Word- This will be my place to write about a situation that happened on an event or a request that is hard for us vendors to accommodate, etc. and will explain how to better deal with said situation or request in a professional way. These posts will be helpful for clients and vendors alike! 

New blog posts will be submitted every Sunday unless my schedule doesn't allow for it. 

Thanks for reading! 

Parallel Lines

A Conversation: Song selection and creating the right  "Vibes" 



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